Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

September 23, 2013

Drága kedves családom, (Dear family)

This week was pretty good and its neat to see how far that my companion and I have come, because were slowly finding more and more people who are interested. We actually did meet with one of the investigators who dogged us and she was actually just super late and cant really call us because she is so poor, but she has a TON of questions and even called herself an investigator in the church, so one could say she is pretty interested. Were also meeting with another woman who we tracted who is also way excited and actually called us to meet which almost NEVER happens.

This week we found another person who is pretty interested and it was kinda cool how we found her. we were tracting and trying to get into a giant apartment complex and this woman who lived there walked up and we asked her if she would let us in and why we wanted to be let in, so she did then we talked with her in the elevator, then later we knocked on her door and she said that she was thinking about letting us in and we could have a cup of coffee or tea and we were like uhhh, well we dont drink tea or coffee but well gladly meet with you. She was pretty cool and we gave her a book of mormon and asked her to read and pray about it.

Also our first investigator came to church! we made a deal that he would come if we went to his church. so later we went and it was interesting. It was like a party/concert/church. Everybody there was SUPER friendly and really nice and they had soda and coffee and it started off for the first 30 min with a band playing christian rock stuff and it was actually really good, then later the speaker got up and talked and he was very repetitive from what I could tell, but it was still cool to see another church, but going there just really furthered my faith and strengthened it because the whole feel of it was just off, like it was cool, but the spirit felt like murky if that makes sense. Anways it was a really good experience.

I cant remember if I even said HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!!!! I feel like a tool now because I totally kept spacing it, so hopefully you’ll forgive me someday. also Dad did u know that your birthday is on a Hungarian Holiday? i think its for the revolution against the ussr but still pretty cool! anywas hope you’re all doing awesome, still haven’t bought my coat yet and now its getting pretty cold so most likely today I will.

SZERETLEK (I love you)

sok szeretettel (lots of love)
Waldvogel Elder

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