Hungary Budapest Mission

Hungary Budapest Mission

Friday, April 11, 2014

October 7, 2013

Dear Family,

Hey! Thats amazing that Christie is getting her blessing! Thats the one of the greatest gifts right there. I know mine has helped me and still is helping me even now.

I hope everybody enjoyed conference as much as I did, considering that I watched 3 of them in Hungarian, so I understood very little… they were translating like machine guns, and using huge complicated words. But I at least did get to watch one in English which was really nice because I could actually understand it. It was super cool because we watched it at an investigators house and Elder Hollands talk was almost specifically for her and she really liked it… it was amazing to see.

So this week was a bit crazy because my companion got super sick and we also had to go to an interview with mission president on Friday so we were really worried about reaching minimum working hours - because of that and we wanted to go to all the sessions of conference. So he went on vitamins and taking anything the Hungarians told him to take. I think the best moment was when he put 2 garlic cloves in his mouth and then took a giant bite out of a super-hot paprika or pepper and started chewing. He took another bite . . . then looked as if he was going to die and he was like. . elder I can’t swallow sooo he grabbed a glass of OJ and was able to finally get it all in. Then the next day he was still super sick so we called the other elders and we gave him a blessing. The second after he said he started feeling better then the next day he was doing a ton better and his voice sounded much better. It was really cool to see and experience firsthand how the power of God can help others overcome anything. It was a great experience to build my own personal testimony. SO we ended up barely making working hours, but we made it woooot! and we didn’t really have too many scheduled lessons, but we had quite a few let ins.. a couple were really interesting. There were a couple who were really interested in English class which is a great service and a good way to find people to

teach. Then we actually found this woman who used to be an Investigator and was dropped a long time ago. so we were hoping to meet with her again. Another time this week, while on splits we felt like we should go into this apartment complex… a lady came out of the door so we got let right in. Once inside, there was this lady just standing right outside her door, so my companion started talking to her and she let us right in. She talked with the sisters before and was really interested in learning more, it was amazing at how fast it was just like boom.. let into the building.. booom let in to an awesome persons house.. boooom lesson. It was way cool and I knew that we were supposed to be there, in that apartment complex at that time. we also got let in by this really sweet old néni who afterwards tried to give us money. we were trying to explain that we couldn’t accept it and she was kind of sad, because people here are super charitable and they always give food or water to guests. They get kind of insulted when you deny them, so I’m learning fast to just accept whatever is put in front of me. Also the new Romanian family that we are teaching came to one of the sessions of conference which was way awesome!

So even though my companion was sick most of the week, he fought through it and we still had a really successful week! Now this week should be even more AMAZING WOOHOOO. Especially with 2 baptism’s on Saturday!!

sok szeretettel,
Waldvogel Elder


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